If you’ve felt lost in your life, unable to connect with others and seemingly drifting through each day, it could be because you’re not living with intention. Every action, decision, and feeling should have intentionality behind it, and at Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., our holistic workshops can help you find the intentionality you need in your life. We offer a monthly seminar on how to align your life and rid yourself of those feelings of hopelessness.

What You Can Expect From the Workshop

Our holistic practitioners have developed a curriculum that incorporates movement, music, mindfulness, and group discussion to help people overcome obstacles, confront those things from the past that need to be healed, and find the motivation to truly live an intentional life. Some of the goals we have for each person are to:

  • Discover what needs to be healed in the past to create a positive desire for the future
  • Discover motivation and inspiration that come from living with intentionality
  • Develop tools and habits that reinforce that intentionality through how one lives and the relationships one has
  • Create a community of individuals who are all living with intentionality and sharing their strength with the rest of the community.

We encourage people to sign up for the seminar each month, as each workshop builds upon the last, while touching on new ideas and new areas. Instead of feeling disconnected and that you’re simply drifting through life, contact Moksha Living today to discover your intentionality. We look forward to speaking with you.