When our bodies are out of alignment, we can often focus too much on the physical discomfort and how it affects our everyday life. We attempt to treat the painful symptoms, but ignore our mental or emotional well-being and the roles they’re playing in the discomfort. At Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., we believe in treating the whole body, and one of our most popular and effective therapies for doing so is flower essences.

Our main source of flower essences is the rainforest region of Misiones, Argentina, and we use these remedies to trigger energy already within the body, and promote a return to balance and strength. You may be experiencing a sore neck or back from sleeplessness or restlessness, but instead of simply treating your physical pain, we’ll focus on internal healing and discovering why you’re restless in the first place. Our flower essences are taken orally after being diffused in purified water, and can also be applied as a spray or lotion. There is no aroma, and your practitioner will determine which essence will be appropriate for you.

Flower therapy can be a short-term approach or a lifelong endeavor, and regardless of the time period, we’ll make sure your essences are properly paired with your current condition or state of mind. We want to harmonize your mind and your body, and every essence we offer is 100 percent natural.