Getting married is big moment in anyone’s life, and properly preparing for marriage is key for any relationship. Your life will be changing in many ways, including living with another person, sharing possessions with them, and planning your future together. At Moksha Living in Washington, D.C., we offer premarital counseling and marriage preparation classes for those who want to examine how their lives will change, what they can expect from themselves, and how they can engage their partner in healthy and positive conversations and experiences.

Our therapists will work with you and your future spouse to talk about what your expectations are for the marriage, how you’re preparing for the wedding, and what you see as your responsibilities in the relationship. We’ll discuss our various forms of therapy, including hypnosis, flower therapy, and yoga, that can help relieve any anxiety and alleviate any stress you’re holding onto regarding the idea of getting married. This anxiety and stress can take a toll on both your mind and body, and we want you to feel at ease with the idea of marriage and sharing the rest of your life with another person. We can schedule both individual and couples’ sessions, integrating one-on-one interactions with your therapist and time with your partner.

If your wedding day is approaching, and you’ve found yourself often thinking about marriage and what it means to you, schedule an appointment with Moksha Living today. We’ll focus on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual implications marriage, and your perspective on your upcoming union. We look forward to speaking with you soon!