Reiki is an energy source that surrounds us and is within us. It is the vehicle that has transformed my life. Before I began my Reiki journey I experienced emptiness, something was missing. Reiki filled a spiritual void that I was unaware of. A wonderful thing about Reiki is that it is a mutually beneficial service, both for client and practitioner. It serves as an illuminating channel of healing energy.

I will never forget the first time that I was introduced to Reiki. I received a “massage” from an amazing practitioner in Argentina. Simply by placing her hands on me I felt pain from my childhood release, I cried as so much flew away from my mid to lower back. I was made aware of sadness, feelings of abandonment being held in this area of my body. The more I received Reiki I became more connected to myself, in tune with the levels of mind, body and spirit and how they were all connected. Reiki bestowed upon me a balance and letting go in order to allow for a greater deal of confidence, courage, peace and readiness to take on the world.

Through laying of the hands Reiki allows for the energy of the universe to enter our body and clear any blocks we have, resulting in a healthier flow of energy, restoring balance to physical, emotional, spiritual and mental forms. According to Green Lotus, Reiki promotes well- being, alleviates depression, decreases stress and pain levels. Studies have shown that Reiki improves cognitive abilities in the elderly. It also lowers blood pressure, heart rate, alleviates physical pain and mental distress. Reiki is becoming more recognized by the medical field and is incorporated into treatment at many hospitals around the US as holistic approaches are becoming more accepted.

There are five precepts, or guiding principles of Reiki which are not being angry, not worrying, being kind and generous to yourself and others, be humble, and be honest in your work. The more you practice Reiki these precepts become a part of your life, you live them even when they are not at the forefront of your mind, they become a part of you, of your way of being. It is wonderful to live in a state of peace and contentment with all around you. I hope that others learn more about Reiki, possibly receive a session themselves in order to receive peace, kindness and tranquility and then share this state of being with the rest of the world.